Targus Lap Chill Mat

Targus Lap Chill Mat

Le Targus Lap Chill Mat fournit une surface de travail confortable et ergonomique et évite la surchauffe de votre ordinateur portable pour vous

Targus AWE80US Targus® Space-Saving Lap Chill Mat, 9.25 x 13.25 x 1, Gray/Black

Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE5504US

Targus 17 inch Dual Fan Lap Chill Mat - Soft Neoprene Laptop Cooling Pad, Hea

Targus Space Saving Lap Chill Mat review: Targus Space Saving Lap Chill Mat - CNET

The 16 Dual Fan Chill Mat features two fans that generate cool air to keep the laptop running efficiently and help prevent overheating. The chill mat can be also used in the office to protect furniture from heat damage, or on the go to protect your lap from heat. Rubber grips on the surface of the chill mat keep your laptop in place to provide a sturdy workspace. The device plugs directly into the USB-A port and no additional power is required.

Targus Laptop Chill Mat, Black

Protection - Protects lap or work surface from heat generated by the laptop Function - Dual fans help disperse laptop heat for improved functionality;

Targus Dual Cooling Fan Laptop Chill Mat, Best Notebook tray, adjustable Cooling Pad for 17-Inch Notebook, laptop stand for desk/bed/ lap with USB-A/

The Targus AWE69US 16 Black Single Fan Chill Mat provides a comfortable work surface to keep you and your laptop cool. The chill mat rests on your lap and disperses heat, using a single fan to provide ventilation which can be obstructed if the laptop is used on a pillow or comforter. Simply plug the USB connector into the laptop to activate cooling. The 16 Single Fan Chill Mat makes using your laptop an enjoyable experience.

Targus 16 Single Fan Laptop Chill Mat, AWE69US

Targus Chill Mat, Sturdy and Durable 4-Port 2.0 Hub

The Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat is specifically designed to cool up to 18 high-performance laptops. This cooling system features three ultra-quiet, highly efficient fans with bearings that have twice the rated lifespan than standard cooling device fans. An adjustable fan speed dial features precise, tactile control so it's easy to adjust the cooling level without taking your eyes off of the laptop screen. The durable aluminum alloy grill is lightweight and cool to the touch.

Targus Chill Mat, HD3 Gaming AWE57US

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Targus Lap Chill Mat (AWE55CA) Unboxing

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Targus Lap Chill Mat, Black-Gray

Targus AWE90GL 18 Dual Fan Chill Mat with Adjustable Stand

Targus Laptop Dual Fan Cooling Pad Tested Working Black N2953 15 x 12

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