Mexican Train Dominoes - Station Master

Mexican Train Dominoes - Station Master

Double Mexican Train Dominoes set comes with 91 Classic Double Tiles, 4 Metal Trains, and a Wooden Hub in a Reusable Tin Case to make sure you have

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From Tactic Games, one of the most popular Domino games in the world, supplied in a sturdy tin. Including 8 mini plastic trains and a station hub, this is a good quality, visually appealing Mexican Train Dominoes set. 91 Double 12 Dominoes are included, each with brightly coloured, clear markings. For up to 8 players, Mexican Train Dominoes is easy to learn and incredibly fun to play.

Tactic 54005 Mexican Train

Product Description The Mexican Train is a popular dominoes game in which the player creates a train from the central station hub. All tiles from the player's hand must be placed to win. Includes 91 double tiles of 12 dominoes, 8 locomotives, 8 domino holders, one station hub, and a beautiful storage box. Assembly instructions and game rules are included.

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