Moxa Holder Extinguisher For Moxibustion Sticks

Moxa Holder Extinguisher For Moxibustion Sticks

Stainless Steel Moxa Stick Extinguisher, Multi-specification Optional Moxibustion Roll Extinguisher With Ash Collector Tray Dish Stable Base (2cm) : Tools & Home Improvement

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An absolute essential to moxibustion, this sturdy plate made of brushed stainless steel holds your moxa sticks during treatment and catches falling

Metal Tray for Holding & Extinguishing Moxa Sticks

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Stainless Steel Moxibustion Extinguisher Roller Roll Holder Moxa Stick Exting US

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Convenient and Effective Moxa Stick Extinguisher: Our moxa moxibustion box includes a moxa stick extinguisher, allowing for easy and safe

Moxa Stick Extinguisher Moxa Moxibustion Box] Moxa Roller Stick Holder Moxibustion Tool - Relieves Fatigue and Pains Convenient and Effective

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When moxibustion is used, the unburnable moxa roll can be inserted into this seat to be destroyed. This method is safe and easy to operate, and economic health. Moxa sticks can be placed in the groove to prevent tilting off. Hold the ash and keep the place clean. Made of durable stainless steel. Size:4.13x0.79 inch/10.5x2cm. Extinguisher suitable for various sizes of moxa rolls. Top slots can used to hold moxa rolls sideways.

Ibnotuiy Stainless Steel Moxa Roll Stick Holder Extinguisher Safely Moxibustion Tray with Base Disk

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Quick Fire Suppression: This fire suppressor holds a burning moxa roll and extinguishes it in a few seconds. Stable flameout, don't worry about

Moxibustion Extinguisher, Stainless Steel Roller Roll Holder Moxa Stick Extinguisher Suitable for You Who Are Professional And Cool(2cm)