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Skittles' new packaging has some calling to boycott candy company

Skittles Clouds Soft Gummy Candy - Fruit Mix 1.26oz (36g) - Just

SKITTLES BULK CONTAINER – Freeze Dried Snack Company LLC

Includes:5 oz of freeze-dried wild berry Rainbow Candy! A unique and delicious on a classic treat. Each piece of candy undergoes a freeze-drying process, resulting in a crispy and airy texture that explodes with fruity flavor! Crunchy Texture:The freeze-drying process gives rainbow candy a satisfyingly crispy and crunchy texture. The light and airy bite of freeze-dried rainbow candy adds an exciting to the snacking experience, enhancing the overall enjoyment.

Freeze Dried Candy Wild Berry Skittles 5oz Rainbow Candy - Ships in Box - Deliciously Crunchy, Intense Flavor, Lightweight Snack - Resealable Bag

Exotic Rare Skittles Candy Gummies Original Fruit / Floral Fruit

Contains 10 ounces of irresistable freeze dried Skittles carefully frozen and dried by KD Supplies, your candy and snack experts Intense Flavor Explosion: Freeze-dried Skittles deliver an explosion of flavor with each crunchy bite. The unique freeze-drying process intensifies the fruity goodness, ensuring a mouthwatering taste sensation that will leave you wanting more. Crunchy Texture: Unlike the traditional chewy texture of Skittles, our freeze-dried version offers a satisfying crunch.

KD Supplies Freeze Dried Skittles (10 oz) - Premium Crunchy Candy for An Enhanced Flavor (Original Rainbow)

Share the Rainbow when you stock up on Skittles Original Fruity Candy. Enjoy the classic fruity, chewy candy you love in a convenient and easy-to-pour container. Every multipack jar of Skittles Original Fruity Candy is filled with classic fruity flavors, including strawberry, orange, grape, lemon, and green apple. Bring these tasty bite-size candies to the candy buffet at weddings, birthdays, or any celebration.

Skittles Candies, Bite Size, Original - 54 oz