SUNRICHER - Interrupteur Zigbee 3.0 Green Power (ON/OFF + Variation)

SUNRICHER - Interrupteur Zigbee 3.0 Green Power (ON/OFF + Variation)

Contrôlez un éclairage ou des dispositifs électriques en ON/OFF ou en variation avec l'interrupteur Zigbee 3.0 Green Power (sans piles) Sunricher.

Sonoff ZBmini - Micromodule interrupteur ON/OFF ZigBee compatible eWelink, Lidl Home, Smart Life, Jeedom, eedomus, etc.

Tutoriels et Manuels DOMOTIQUE-STORE.FR - Manuel en français du module variateur zigbee encastrable sunricher ZG9040A

Zigbee Controller, Zigbee Dimmer, Zigbee Home Automation - Hongkong Sunricher

The SR-ZG9101SAC-HP is an innovative AC phase-cut dimmer with ZigBee control interface. Need neutral.

SUNRICHER - Zigbee 3.0 In wall smart dimmer (with neutral)

Périphériques - SMARTHOME EUROPE


Double bouton mural émetteur sans fil et sans pile ZigBee compatible finitions Schneider Odace

SmartThings vs. Hue+ST vs. C4/Crestron/RTI for All-RGBWW Home - Connected Things - SmartThings Community

Control lighting or electrical devices in ON/OFF or dimming with the Sunricher Zigbee 3.0 Green Power switch (without batteries).

SUNRICHER - Zigbee 3.0 Green Power switch without batteries (ON/OFF + Dimmer)

The SR-ZG9101CS is an LED lighting controller used to turn on/off and vary the intensity of connected LED lights or strips.

Sunricher - 3.0 ZigBee dimmer+ rotary switch

Sunricher - Zigbee 3.0 400W ON/OFF Module